Stylish Decking Ideas With Fire Pits for Year-Round Outdoor Entertaining


Discover a range of chic decking ideas with fire pits to enjoy outdoor entertaining all year round, no matter the season



MELBOURNE, Australia, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While many households tend to shutter down and hole up as the cold creeps in, Australia is well-known for its propensity to brave the weather and continue socialising; cold weather and even rain have never been seen to stop Australians from enjoying a night out or hosting friends and family outdoors at home. South Australian outdoor building expert Softwoods reveals its tips for safely and seamlessly incorporating a fire pit into a decking area to keep the party going all year round.

Softwoods advises homeowners that their primary concern when looking to install a fire pit into their deck area is safety. Although fire pits make a beautiful and practical addition to a deck space, the combination of wood and flames poses a risk if proper precautions aren't taken. The building expert recommends installing a heat-proof barrier between the wooden deck and the firepit and placing the pit on treated, flame-retardant wood.

Alternatively, Softwoods explains that homeowners can create a separate zone on the decking for the firepit. This separate zone keeps smoke and flames away from the house and provides a distinct area away from the rest of the outdoor space to relax and catch up with friends. Having a separate firepit area can also make more room for patio furniture and decor. With the recent resurgence of mid-century modern design, Softwoods suggests homeowners could consider a sunken lounge area with a fire pit as the centrepiece.

For smaller decking areas, Softwoods recommends choosing a fire pit that doubles as furniture, whether it acts as a coffee table or dining table. This takes away the need for additional furniture taking up more space on the deck, provides a spot to set down drinks and snacks, and gives loved ones even more reason to gather around a cosy fire on a cold night.

When properly and safely installed, fire pits are the perfect way to enjoy outdoor entertaining no matter what the temperature outside. For more information on decking, pergolas, carports and more, contact Softwoods today.

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