CHEP Expands its Presence in the United States


Nashville, TN, and Modesto, CA: with two new U.S. centers, the supply chain logistics leader extends its service network

DETROIT, Mich., June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a time of tight supply across the automotive supply chain and to offer further cost and time savings to its clients, CHEP is preparing to open another service center in Mt. Juliet in the Nashville area in July 2022, offering an additional 150 containers/day. This investment follows the company opening a service center in Modesto in July 2021, which increased total inspection capacities by 100 containers/day.

As part of the Brambles group, CHEP circulates 345 million pallets, crates, and containers, offering share and reuse (pooled) packaging and delivery services across the globe. CHEP Automotive and Industrial uses 10 million of these crates and containers to service its 5,000 customers, including most major OEMs. These new centers will allow the company to mark its physical expansion to the U.S. west coast and add to the 11 service centers already established in North America.

At the heart of automotive supply chains, CHEP’s service centers provide the link between OEMs and suppliers to form an integral element of its share and reuse (pooling) service. Rather than investing in their own packaging, clients use and reuse CHEP’s assets, benefiting from its inspection, cleaning, and repair services. As the automotive supply chain evolves with the arrival of electric vehicles (EVs), extending its service center network will allow CHEP to offer its customers greater proximity and agility. Clients benefit directly from reduced transport spend and CHEP’s capacity to support increased volume and growth.

With a proven track record of saving customers on average 20% in terms of annual transport costs, CHEP is also a key partner for many companies in addressing the sustainability challenges of the supply chain by offering a safe and sustainable share and reuse program.

“CHEP’s share and reuse model is inherently circular, based on the key elements of reusing, recycling, and sharing. As the automotive industry moves to electric vehicles to combat rising global carbon emissions, the supply chain behind that transition must also strive towards net zero. By extending our network of service centers across North America, we continue to make those transport lanes shorter, offer our customers even better optimized supply chain solutions and ensure a sustainable automotive supply chain,” said Murray Gilder, Vice President – CHEP Automotive.

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CHEP is one of the world's most sustainable logistics businesses, offering a share-and-reuse model for its 345 million+ pallets, crates and containers and serving the FMCG, fresh produce, beverage, retail, automotive and general manufacturing industries. Employing 11,500 people, CHEP is part of the Brambles Group and operates in approximately 60 countries.

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