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Waxahachie, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Waxahachie, Texas -

Texas Breast Center in Waxahachie, TX, has recently released an article about BioZorb implant side effects. BioZorb® is a 3D implanted tumor bed marker that was designed for patients with breast cancer to mark the breast cancer surgical excision site precisely. Dr. Valerie Gorman, MD has already successfully performed hundreds of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) breast cancer procedures using the BioZorb® implant and therefore has firsthand knowledge of how the breast-saving treatment can improve surgical results. And according to Dr. Gorman, the benefits of the BioZorb® device far outweigh the possible negative effects for many patients. Thus, she continues to use the BioZorb® implant is her surgical procedures in order to help as many women as possible heal and recover from breast cancer.

The BioZorb® is made up of a spiral three-dimensional bioabsorbable framework that is embedded with six permanent titanium surgical clips. The BioZorb® enables 3D breast radiation treatment targeting and is available in different sizes from 2 to 5 cm, including Lower Profile, and is designed to improve the results in breast-conserving surgery (BCS) when used during the early breast cancer stages. Low Profile (LP) offers an ideal alternative for flatter and smaller surgical cavities.

The BioZorb® implant offers various advantages for patients, such as enhanced accuracy in radiation therapy, excellent cosmetic results, and minimal scarring after breast conservation therapy. Many of the patients who underwent breast-saving surgery have experienced the advantages of the BioZorb® implant but reported only a few side effects.

There are a number of reported side effects. First, some patients have noted hard and uncomfortable lumps in the area where the implants were placed. Second, some patients had noted skin irritation, reddening, and itching in the areas of the implants. Third, some patients have experienced skin deformation and scarring around the devices. Fourth, some have reported that the implants have not been absorbed within the expected time frame but stayed intact for more than 2 and a half years. Fifth, some patients noted that the implant is so uncomfortable that they wanted to have it removed or decided to undergo partial breast reconstruction or a mastectomy to get rid of the whole breast. And sixth, some patients noted that the breast with the implant was noticeably larger than the unaffected breast.

The article points out, nevertheless, that the benefits of the BioZorb® implant far outweigh the side effects because around 60 percent of the over 200,000 American women with early stage breast cancer had a lumpectomy with entire breast irradiation. Without BioZorb®, the radiation has to be applied to the whole breast because it is very difficult to determine the specific area of the breast where the tumor came from. With BioZorb®, they can finally pinpoint the area with accuracy, thus avoiding the irradiation of the whole breast.

BioZorb® ensures that the correct area is provided with the optimal boost dosage. With BioZorb®, Dr. Gorman was also able to use partial breast radiation with SBRT, with BioZorb® as the target. This offers the advantage of reducing the course of radiation to five days and has enhanced cosmetic outcomes. And in a study published in the World Journal of Surgery, out of 110 patients using the BioZorb® implant, the marker allowed for more accurate targeting for radiation planning and treatments in 95.7% of the cases.

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