BTMIN Risk Precautions: How To Identify Hyper-realistic Scam SMS Saying "Relief Subsidy"


SINGAPORE, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- It is reported that recently, a female netizen posted a screenshot of an SMS on Dcard. At first glance, it appeared to be a relief SMS notification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The original PO wrote, "I click the link by instinct, but it is really weird because the simplified character 'shu' (meaning relief) seems incongruous and obvious! I just try clicking anything".

A closer look was one message saying that "cumulative number of relief recipients: 105,671" and "number of online applicants: 2,358". A total of two simplified characters, "shu" and "qing" (meaning apply) appeared. Then the original PO clicked on the "activity message" column in the drop-down menu, but she found that every click on each piece of news required her to enter her cellphone number to obtain the verification code. These pages sent shivers up her spine, thinking that unwary people would have entered the verification code immediately!

As soon as the post came out, many people were shocked and commended that "It is really similar to the website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare", "Except for several simplified characters, the website passes itself off as an official one". Then the original PO updated the post, saying that "I originally intended to remind you; fortunately, everyone is smart and no one will click in. Thank you for reminding me of the risks. I have changed all my account secrets immediately."

BTMIN reminds people to remain vigilant at links provided by the SMS. If the link is garbled or does not contain the full "", or "the front of gov is not "." but "ir", you may have received a scam SMS.

For the SMS with links, BTMIN stresses that it must be carefully checked in order to minimize the risks. Do not click in or enter your own message according to the prompts, especially the verification code. Follow BTMIN Risk Precautions for more information.

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